cyrus-sasl2 fails to install (surprising to me)

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Jun 16 13:29:51 PDT 2007

On Jun 16, 2007, at 05:59, Tabitha McNerney wrote:

>> This old syntax was correct -- if it was broken, it is a bug.
>> The "double variant" syntax is used to create a variant that will be
>> applied *instead of* two singular variants. That is, if both "darwin"
>> and "kerberos" are selected, then the "darwin kerberos" variant will
>> be used instead of individual darwin {} and kerberos {} variants.
> Fascinating, thanks for chiming in. I wonder what would have  
> changed in the MacPorts system then, that would have caused to  
> emerge as a "bug"? I've built this port many times on both PowerPC  
> and Intel machines with MacPorts 1.40 and less and never had a  
> problem. It would be worthwhile to take a closer look I think  
> because there might be other ports with the "double variant" syntax  
> styles that might also follow a bug pattern. Are double variants  
> common? I haven't noticed others before but then again I don't  
> spend a lot of time humanly reading Portfiles.

Here are all the "double variants" I can find:

dports $ grep -E '^variant[[:space:]]+([^[:space:]]+)' */*/Portfile | \
grep -v -E 'variant[[:space:]]+([^[:space:]]+)[[:space:]]*(\{| 

audio/libsdl_mixer-framework/Portfile:variant macosx i386 {
devel/gmp-cxx-wrappers/Portfile:variant darwin x86      {
devel/lua-numlua/Portfile:variant darwin powerpc {
devel/lua-numlua/Portfile:variant darwin i386 {
devel/orbit/Portfile:variant darwin 6 {
graphics/OpenEXR/Portfile:variant darwin 7 {
lang/cm3/Portfile:variant darwin powerpc {
lang/cm3/Portfile:variant freebsd i386 {
lang/python22/Portfile:variant darwin x86 {
net/libdnsres/Portfile:variant darwin powerpc {
net/libdnsres/Portfile:variant darwin intel {
security/cyrus-sasl2/Portfile:variant kerberos darwin {
security/cyrus-sasl2/Portfile:variant kerberos freebsd {

I'm guessing that all except those in cyrus-sasl2 should have  
"variant" changed to "platform", and that "x86" and "intel" should be  
replaced with "i386". (Where did "x86" ever come from anyway?)

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