cyrus-sasl2 fails to install (surprising to me)

Tabitha McNerney tabithamc at
Sun Jun 17 03:08:58 PDT 2007

On 6/15/07, Landon Fuller <landonf at> wrote:


> > ------------------------------------------------------------
> >
> > #variant kerberos darwin {
> > variant kerberos {
> >         configure.args-append --enable-gssapi --with-gss_impl=mit
> > }
> >
> > ------------------------------------------------------------
> >
> > What I don't understand is, why would this problem in the Portfile
> > manifest itself now v.s. 8 months ago for example?
> >
> > Thanks again Ryan for noticing what now seems to be obvious in that
> > there should not be blank spaces in the names of variants.
> This old syntax was correct -- if it was broken, it is a bug.

To reduce confusion, it appears as if this "bug" that I allegedly discovered
had to do with my building a new MacPorts system the other day during the
period of time before the DNS servers took over (per Juan's messages).
However, since reading Juan's more recent posts to this mailing list, I
started over (with DNS working fine which meant that port selfupdate worked
fine) and then the cyrus-sasl2 "double variant" installed with zero

Sorry for the temporary confusion.


The "double variant" syntax is used to create a variant that will be
> applied *instead of* two singular variants. That is, if both "darwin"
> and "kerberos" are selected, then the "darwin kerberos" variant will
> be used instead of individual darwin {} and kerberos {} variants.
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