python24 install failure

Kevin Horton khorton01 at
Tue Mar 6 15:56:35 PST 2007

On 6 Mar 2007, at 18:00, Christian Voelker wrote:

> Hi,
> Am 06.03.2007 um 21:33 schrieb Kevin Horton:
>> Or, is this cruft left over from my previous installed ports
> I would try
> port clean --work all


> port clean --archive all


> sudo periodic daily weekly monthly


> Then check whether old python port were uninstalled
> properly:
> port installed | grep py*

  % port installed | grep py*
zsh: no matches found: py*

> Uninstall the stuff that might interfere with your
> current installation. Maybe this is best done first
> of all. Now, if it does not work afterwards, you
> can read your /etc/profile and .profile and .login
> files to find strange environment variable settings.
> Tell us about your findings.

I'm not sure exactly what the above means.  Is this referring to  
Fink?  If so, I changed my path to not have /sw/bin in it.  Renaming / 
sw is a bit of a problem for me, as I discovered when I tried it  
earlier this afternoon.  The way my login shells are set, they expect  
to find /sw.  If not, they don't load, and I can't change from my  
normal, unpriviledged user to an user with administrative  
priviledges,  And I can't rename it back to /sw as my normal user.  I  
eventually had to reboot in Target Disk Mode, and use another Mac to  
sort things out.  Ugh.

After doing all the above, python24 builds.  But, looking at the  
build output, I see hundreds of references to /sw/lib or /sw/include,  

/usr/bin/gcc-4.0 -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup build/ 
temp.darwin-8.8.0-Power_Macintosh-2.4/grpmodule.o -L/opt/local/lib -L/ 
sw/lib -L/usr/local/lib -o build/lib.darwin-8.8.0-Power_Macintosh-2.4/

Where are these coming from, if /sw is not in my path?  Is there no  
way to prevent MacPorts from being polluted with Fink stuff, short of  
renaming or removing /sw?  If renaming it works, why wouldn't  
removing it from the path work?  Are new login shells being created,  
and my login scripts are putting /sw in their paths?  Or, is /sw in  
the default search path for the python build?

Kevin Horton
Ottawa, Canada

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