Porting Crossfire

Jarimatti Valkonen jarimatti at dnainternet.net
Mon Mar 26 00:20:49 PDT 2007

Ryan Schmidt kirjoitti 25.3.2007 kello 12:45:

> On Mar 25, 2007, at 03:54, Jarimatti Valkonen wrote:
>> Currently I've got the game client working on my machine, but I  
>> don't know how to add dependencies. Which fine manual should I read?
> I'm not sure... I recommend looking at other existing ports. The  
> php5 port is a fairly big port with lots of dependencies to give  
> you some ideas.

Thanks, I'll have a look at that.

>> Should the game binary be installed in /opt/local/games instead  
>> of /opt/local/bin? I used the Nethack port as my reference and  
>> installed to /opt/local/bin.
> No. There is no /opt/local/games, nor should there be. Binaries go  
> in /opt/local/bin.

Understood. I got my idea from the manpage porthier(7), so it seems  
to need some clarification.

Jarimatti Valkonen
jarimatti at dnainternet.net

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