Gimp without X11 + pen tablet

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Fri Nov 23 03:41:11 PST 2007



I've built Gimp without X11 thinking I could use my pen tablet in it,  
but Gimp, even running in Quartz, don't recognize it. is there a way  
around that would made possible to use my pen tablet (a Wacom Bamboo  
fun) and pressure sensitivity in Gimp without rebooting under Linux  
(what I'm doing currently)?
I don't mind running it under X11 or Quartz, but Apple's X11 doesn't  
support XInputEvent. may be XDarwin does ?
And if so,  how could I build the linuxwacom module ? I need the  
Kernel headers for this.

Leopard, Macbook 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

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