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Markus Weissmann mww at
Mon Nov 26 06:29:55 PST 2007

On Sat, 2007-11-24 at 02:18 -0600, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Nov 22, 2007, at 23:30, paul beard wrote:
> > On 11/22/07, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> >
> >> I assume the only practical difference between MacPorts gcc_select
> >> and Apple gcc_select is that Apple gcc_select only lets you select
> >> Apple-installed compilers, while MacPorts lets you (additionally?)
> >> select MacPorts-installed compilers.
> >
> > Apparently, that's the case. Any idea how you add/remove compilers  
> > from it's list? In either the Apple-supplied one or the MacPorts  
> > version?
> Based on "man gcc_select" (with the gcc_select port not installed), I  
> assume it's not possible to modify the list of compilers it can  
> select. If it had been possible, I assume MacPorts would just  
> piggyback on Apple's gcc_select instead of reinventing the wheel.
> Configuration of the MacPorts gcc_select seems to be possible (though  
> I have not tried it myself). Read "man gcc_select" (with the  
> gcc_select port installed).

You can of course also directly use the various gcc compilers for your
programs by calling `gcc-mp-4.2 foo.c -o foo' (etc.);
gcc_select is for getting `gcc foo.c -o foo' to work "just like that"
for a preselected compiler, like if you always want to build your
sources with gcc 4.1 from macports.

The MacPorts' gcc_select really is beta and requires some work; it
_should_ not interfere with any port build but probably will do with
some. So it is not intended for getting ports to build with a different
version of gcc -- a goal that would probably require quite some effort.



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