How do I tell what variants I used to install a port?

Chris Janton face at CentosPrime.COM
Tue Sep 4 10:03:04 PDT 2007


some days are better than others.

Some time ago I did a

	port install php5 {some set of variants here}

Today I do

	port selfupdate
	port list outdated

and learn that my php5 is outdated. OK. Not sure why since

	port list installed


	php5                           @5.2.4          www/php5

and the outdated list indicates the same version number.

If I do

	port upgrade php5

I get a number of ports installed/upgraded (e.g. libxslt).

I *assume* that the upgrade will install the latest version of php5  
just like I did it before, with all of the variants the same.

I sure wish I could remember what those variants were, just in case I  
wanted to do a

	port install php5 {variants}

on a different system, or to add a note to my black book.

Chris Janton  - face at CentosPrime dot COM
Netminder for Opus1.COM

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