Installing Apache2, PHP5, and MySQL5 using PortAuthority

markd at markd at
Tue Sep 4 12:07:11 PDT 2007

Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> writes:
>I have no information about PortAuthority. I assume it's supposed to  
>be able to do every MacPorts command you can do from the command  
>line, but I've never used it and you'll have to consult its  
>documentation or its author if you have questions about it.
>What you want is easy to do on the command line.
>Do you want to run a MySQL 5 server on your iBook, or just get PHP 5  
>compiled with the MySQL 5 libraries so that you can connect to  
>another MySQL 5 server running somewhere?
>I assume you want to run a server yourself. To do so:
>sudo port install mysql5 +server
>(If you did not want a MySQL 5 server of your own, you can omit  
>To get PHP 5 with MySQL 5 support and the Apache 2 module,  
>and get the apache2 port installed as well:
>sudo port install php5 +apache2 +mysql5
>To discover what variants a port has which might be interesting to  
>you, do e.g.:
>port variants php5

But the ui_msgs for php5 are still not right.

So you might want to use these instructions in this NeDi howto.


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