How do I tell what variants I used to install a port?

Chris Pickel sfiera at
Tue Sep 4 10:38:41 PDT 2007

On 04 Sep, 2007, at 13:03, Chris Janton wrote:
> Today I do
> 	port selfupdate
> 	port list outdated
> and learn that my php5 is outdated. OK. Not sure why since
> 	port list installed
> shows
> 	php5                           @5.2.4          www/php5
> and the outdated list indicates the same version number.

`port list ...` is a bit quirky. If you check the documentation,  
you'll see that it says "lists the most recent version of each given  
port". What you expected was the output of the more intuitive command  
`port installed`, which would have shown you both the actual version  
of your installed PHP, and its variants.

If the outdated version number was also 5.2.4, it's possible that the  
port's maintainer made some improvements to the port and incremented  
its revision (a secondary number checked after the version to see if  
a port is outdated).

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