Installing Apache2, PHP5, and MySQL5 using PortAuthority

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Sep 4 11:50:23 PDT 2007

On Sep 4, 2007, at 11:46, Steve Klein wrote:

> I feel like I've entered a maze of infinite size and complexity.
> I need to get Apache, PHP and MySQL running on my iBook G4.
> I've installed MacPorts, and Port Authority, and used that to  
> install Apache2, PHP5, and MySQL.
> Apache 2 works fine, but I can' get it to talk to PHP.
> I think there's supposed to be a module for PHP, perhaps a file  
> called, but that file didn't get created.
> Is what I'm trying to do just not possible using PortAuthority?   
> Should I just resort to using MacPorts directly from the command line?
> I'm not scared of the command line, but I'm not really comfortable  
> with it, either.

I have no information about PortAuthority. I assume it's supposed to  
be able to do every MacPorts command you can do from the command  
line, but I've never used it and you'll have to consult its  
documentation or its author if you have questions about it.

What you want is easy to do on the command line.

Do you want to run a MySQL 5 server on your iBook, or just get PHP 5  
compiled with the MySQL 5 libraries so that you can connect to  
another MySQL 5 server running somewhere?

I assume you want to run a server yourself. To do so:

sudo port install mysql5 +server

(If you did not want a MySQL 5 server of your own, you can omit  

To get PHP 5 with MySQL 5 support and the Apache 2 module,  
and get the apache2 port installed as well:

sudo port install php5 +apache2 +mysql5

To discover what variants a port has which might be interesting to  
you, do e.g.:

port variants php5

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