xfig crashes

Stefan Bruda bruda at cs.ubishops.ca
Mon Sep 17 05:58:19 PDT 2007


Jörg Frauendiener wrote:
>> I installed xfig-3.2.5_1 via macports and it crashes when I click
>> on a menu button (File,Edit,View,...).  Pulling up a dialog box by
>> a keyboard sequence (e.g. M-o to open) seems to work OK, though.
>> Any suggestions?
> I just came across this thread and was wondering whether the issue
> concerning Xaw3d has been resolved. Since I am having the same
> problem as described above it would be nice if there was a clean
> solution. I am aware of the workaround given in other threads.
> Clearly, this cannot be considered a 'solution'?

By clean solution do you mean the #define XAW3D1_5E thing?  I tried it
once and it did not work for me.  The only solution I found so far is not
to use the Xaw3D toolkit.  This works well; true, I loose some eye candy
but not much and xfig is an ugly (and useful) thing anyway--that's why I
like it in the first place.


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