curious: iphone compiling?

David Corking lists at
Mon Sep 17 16:13:53 PDT 2007

On 9/17/07, grimmwerks wrote:
> I'm curious regarding stuff like Chmox -- I've been able to install
> the and a lot 3rd party software - including Ruby,
> Stumbler, etc.

Cool - you are building a Cocoa smartphone or PDA.

> What I'd REALLY like is 2 viewers for a lot of the digital manuals
> I've got - a good PDF reader, and .chm viewer.

Did you get X11 running yet?

If so, perhaps xpdf and kchmviewer can help.  As far as I can tell,
they support ARM (under non-Darwin OS of course) and are both in

You did not say why chmox / chmlib did not cross-compile.
Incompatible function calls?  I don't see the sources for Darwin 9 (or
Darwin 8.10 for that matter) on, which seems to be a longer
delay than usual, but may not be relevant here.

If and when you get wxwidgets, xchm might work (it is in macports, but
apparently with the wxgtk option not wxmac or wxcocoa)

> Though I've tried the
>, it doesn't work for the pdfs I have   - but emailing
> them to myself does.

Strange indeed :)

You also need some trick for reading PDFs on a small screen without
tedious horizontal scrolling. Maybe simply slurping out the text, and
opening it in Mobile Safari - perhaps pdftohtml or p5-text-pdf - also
in macports - but I don't know if they could be made to cross-compile.


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