Wine refuses to install Fontforge Errors

Andrew Carlberg imustflee at
Thu Aug 21 15:04:25 PDT 2008

Ok I installed the X11 SDK and sure enough that did it.  Thanks for the 

Unfortunately now it won't install libxslt or xrender

here's the output:
sudo port install wine
--->  Building fontforge with target all
--->  Staging fontforge into destroot
--->  Installing fontforge 20080110_0
--->  Activating fontforge 20080110_0
--->  Cleaning fontforge
--->  Configuring libxslt
Error: Target org.macports.configure returned: autoconf failure: shell 
command " cd 
&& autoreconf " returned error 1
Command output: autoheader:
autoheader: WARNING: More sophisticated templates can also be produced, 
see the
autoheader: WARNING: documentation. warning: AC_CACHE_VAL(lt_prog_compiler_static_works, 
...): suspicious cache-id, must contain _cv_ to be cached
../../lib/autoconf/general.m4:1973: AC_CACHE_VAL is expanded from...
../../lib/autoconf/general.m4:1993: AC_CACHE_CHECK is expanded from...
aclocal.m4:1425: AC_LIBTOOL_LINKER_OPTION is expanded from...
aclocal.m4:3271: _LT_AC_LANG_C_CONFIG is expanded from...
aclocal.m4:3270: AC_LIBTOOL_LANG_C_CONFIG is expanded from...
aclocal.m4:909: AC_LIBTOOL_SETUP is expanded from...
aclocal.m4:889: _AC_PROG_LIBTOOL is expanded from...
aclocal.m4:854: AC_PROG_LIBTOOL is expanded from...
aclocal.m4:6635: AM_PROG_LIBTOOL is expanded from... the top level warning: AC_CACHE_VAL(lt_prog_compiler_pic_works, 
...): suspicious cache-id, must contain _cv_ to be cached
aclocal.m4:1383: AC_LIBTOOL_COMPILER_OPTION is expanded from...
aclocal.m4:5317: AC_LIBTOOL_PROG_COMPILER_PIC is expanded from... warning: AC_CACHE_VAL(lt_prog_compiler_pic_works_CXX, 
...): suspicious cache-id, must contain _cv_ to be cached
aclocal.m4:3417: _LT_AC_LANG_CXX_CONFIG is expanded from...
aclocal.m4:3416: AC_LIBTOOL_LANG_CXX_CONFIG is expanded from...
aclocal.m4:2415: _LT_AC_TAGCONFIG is expanded from... warning: AC_CACHE_VAL(lt_prog_compiler_pic_works_F77, 
...): suspicious cache-id, must contain _cv_ to be cached
aclocal.m4:4444: _LT_AC_LANG_F77_CONFIG is expanded from...
aclocal.m4:4443: AC_LIBTOOL_LANG_F77_CONFIG is expanded from... warning: AC_CACHE_VAL(lt_prog_compiler_pic_works_GCJ, 
...): suspicious cache-id, must contain _cv_ to be cached
aclocal.m4:4543: _LT_AC_LANG_GCJ_CONFIG is expanded from...
aclocal.m4:4542: AC_LIBTOOL_LANG_GCJ_CONFIG is expanded from... required file `./mkinstalldirs' not found
tests/plugins/ required file `./compile' not found
autoreconf: automake failed with exit status: 1

Error: The following dependencies failed to build: libxslt xrender
Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.

I'll look through this but I figured I might as well post it in case 
someone already knows the answer...

again appreciate the help!

Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Aug 21, 2008, at 12:59, Andrew Carlberg wrote:
>> Hey guys I'm trying to install wine through macports but I can't get it
>> to work a few dependcies won't build I can't figure out how to fix it.
>> here's the output from the wine install (it includes the output from
>> fontforge showing the errors):
>>  sudo port install wine
>> --->  Fetching fontforge
>> --->  Verifying checksum(s) for fontforge
>> --->  Extracting fontforge
>> --->  Applying patches to fontforge
>> --->  Configuring fontforge
>> --->  Building fontforge with target all
> [snip]
>> In file included from effects.c:29:
>> ../inc/gkeysym.h:5:24: error: X11/keysym.h: No such file or directory
> Ok, so fontforge can't find X11/keysym.h.
> keysym.h exists on my Tiger system in /usr/X11R6/include/X11 and on my 
> Leopard system in /usr/X11/include/X11. Does it exist on your system? 
> If not, I suspect you are missing the X11 SDK. Check 
> /Library/Receipts. If you're missing the X11 SDK, install it from the 
> Xcode installer.

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