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Troy Daley tfandango at
Wed Sep 10 06:15:05 PDT 2008

I'm using eclipse with subclipse (the Subversion plugin).  There is an
option to use JavaHL bindings (macports port subversion-javahlbindings) to
call out to the subversion client on your machine, rather than use the pure
java client which we've had speed issues with.  Normally, the plugin will
detect JavaHL and present it as an option.  This used to work for me, but it
stopped working some time ago as I updated subversion and
subversion-javahlbindings.  While svn works fine from the command line, and
all of the expected libraries are present and in the correct place for the
subversion-javahlbindings project, it still doesn't work.

I spoke to the subclipse maintainer and he agreed that everything appears to
be in the correct place, but it looks like the subclipse code is having
problems loading those libraries.  He hyphothisised that it may be due to
dependency issues with the bindings package.  Now it so happens that I went
through force removed inactive packages and I wondered if I had broken
something.  So I just wanted to go back through and rebuild everything to
guarentee that dependencies weren't an issue, which is why I was asking
about a sanity check or a rebuild world command.

I doubt that this is a macports issue at all, and I don't expect this list
to help me with eclipse issues, which is why I didn't elaborate in my
previous email.  I was just hoping to rule out macports as an issue in this


On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 11:33 PM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at>wrote:

> On Sep 9, 2008, at 5:07 PM, Troy Daley wrote:
>  Is there a sanity check or a way to rebuild world in macports?
> Do you mean a separate sanity check command? There isn't any. What would
> such a command do?
> And what do you mean by "rebuild world"? If you mean rebuild all installed
> ports, then no, there's no build-in command to do that. You would have to
> manually rebuild each installed port, preferably in dependency order which
> could be hard to figure out. Or you could write down which ports (and their
> variants) are installed, then uninstall all ports and reinstall all your
> ports. Either way it will take some time. And there are less drastic ways to
> fix most problems, so it would help to know what problem you're
> experiencing.
>  I've been removing some inactive ports and noticed that my subversion HL
>> bindings quit working.
> You mean the subversion-javahlbindings port? According to "port deps" it
> has these dependencies:
> $ port deps subversion-javahlbindings
> subversion-javahlbindings has library dependencies on:
>        expat
>        neon
>        apr
>        apr-util
>        db46
>        subversion
>        junit
>        gettext
>        libiconv
>        serf
>        cyrus-sasl2
> Are all these installed and active?
>  I'm wondering if I messed something up by force removing inactive
>> projects.
> If you have inactive ports, they're not used for anything so removing them
> is safe. Unless they were in use and you deactivated them without installing
> a newer version for example.
> If you tell us what specific issues you are experiencing maybe we can help
> resolve them.
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