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Ok it's been several days and I am really struggling with this one.
I need to install mkxToolnix but in order to do that, I need to install
Boost (which I have now donew several times). MacPorts installs
Boost 1.35.0_2 but for some reason it appears that not all the
required files are installed. I get the following error when I try to
install mkvToolnix:

*** Not checking for wxWidgets: disabled by user request
checking for magic_open in -lmagic... no
checking for boostlib >= 1.20.0... yes
checking whether the Boost::Regex library is available... yes
checking for main in -lboost_regex-mt... no
checking for main in -lboost_regex-boost_regex-mt... no
configure: error: Could not link against boost_regex-boost_regex-mt !

Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.

I looked in the configure file and copied anything I could see to do  
Boost.regex or just regex. Can anyone see anything in the following that
would  disable the install of the required files.

# Configure ICU
echo -n "Unicode/ICU support for Boost.Regex?... "
if test "x$flag_icu" != xno; then
   if test "x$ICU_ROOT" = x; then
     COMMON_ICU_PATHS="/usr /usr/local /sw"
     for p in $COMMON_ICU_PATHS; do
       if test -r $p/include/unicode/utypes.h; then

     if test "x$ICU_ROOT" = x; then
       echo "not found."
       echo "$ICU_ROOT"
     echo "$ICU_ROOT"
   echo "disabled."

and this section:

   -h, --help                display this help and exit
   --with-bjam=BJAM          use existing Boost.Jam executable (bjam)
                             [automatically built]
   --with-toolset=TOOLSET    use specific Boost.Build toolset
                             [automatically detected]
   --show-libraries          show the set of libraries that require  
                             and installation steps (i.e., those  
                             that can be used with --with-libraries or
                             --without-libraries), then exit
   --with-libraries=list     build only a particular set of libraries,
                             describing using either a comma- 
separated list of
                             library names or "all"
   --without-libraries=list  build all libraries except the ones  
listed []
   --with-icu                enable Unicode/ICU support in Regex
                             [automatically detected]
   --without-icu             disable Unicode/ICU support in Regex
   --with-icu=DIR            specify the root of the ICU library  
                             and enable Unicode/ICU support in Regex
                             [automatically detected]
   --with-python=PYTHON      specify the Python executable [python]
   --with-python-root=DIR    specify the root of the Python installation
                             [automatically detected]
   --with-python-version=X.Y specify the Python version as X.Y
                             [automatically detected]

As suggested by Michel I tried 'port contents boost | grep regex-mt'
but it did not find the file. However, I was not sure if that command
was searching the directories after the install or seaching sources
that will be installed.

Does anyone have any other suggestion? I only hope that installing
mpeg4ip will be less trouble.



On 21 Sep 2008, at 19:19, Michel Salim wrote:

> On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 1:37 PM, Mine <i.cue at> wrote:
>> Hi Paul,
>> Thanks for replying. You are right the libboost_regex-mt.dylib  is
>> not in /opt/local/lib.  However it appears that Boost 1.35.0_2 is
>> the version installed. I have searched and found a Boost 1.36.0.
>> As I am not very familiar with MacPortsIs, do you know if it
>> possible to get MacPorts to install apps that are not in its  
>> database.
> Try 'port contents boost | grep regex-mt' to see if your boost
> installation contains that file at all. Perhaps the problem is that it
> was not installed properly, in which case you might want to reinstall
> boost from macports.
> Boost 1.36 has some API changes, I believe, so you don't want to
> upgrade to it yet. It was introduced and then pulled out from Fedora
> Linux's development tree, for example. If you *do* want to try it,
> however, the way to do it would be to modify the Portfile that tells
> MacPorts how to build Boost, so that it uses the new version instead.
> See the documentation for details.
> Hope that helps, and oh, by the way, you might want to bottom-quote
> when posting. It's the convention, and makes it easier to follow the
> conversation.
> Regards,
> -- 
> miʃel salim •
> IUCS • msalim at
> Fedora • salimma at
> MacPorts • hircus at

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