Configure error macport - mkvToolnix

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Sep 22 22:17:11 PDT 2008

On Sep 22, 2008, at 7:45 PM, Mine wrote:

> Ok it's been several days and I am really struggling with this one.
> I need to install mkxToolnix but in order to do that, I need to  
> install
> Boost (which I have now donew several times). MacPorts installs
> Boost 1.35.0_2 but for some reason it appears that not all the
> required files are installed. I get the following error when I try to
> install mkvToolnix:
> *** Not checking for wxWidgets: disabled by user request
> checking for magic_open in -lmagic... no
> checking for boostlib >= 1.20.0... yes
> checking whether the Boost::Regex library is available... yes
> checking for main in -lboost_regex-mt... no
> checking for main in -lboost_regex-boost_regex-mt... no
> configure: error: Could not link against boost_regex-boost_regex-mt !
> Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.
> I looked in the configure file and copied anything I could see to  
> do with
> Boost.regex or just regex. Can anyone see anything in the following  
> that
> would  disable the install of the required files.
> # Configure ICU
> echo -n "Unicode/ICU support for Boost.Regex?... "
> if test "x$flag_icu" != xno; then
>   if test "x$ICU_ROOT" = x; then
>     COMMON_ICU_PATHS="/usr /usr/local /sw"

Do you have anything installed in /usr/local or /sw? If so, rename  
those directories, clean and try again. Software installed in /usr/ 
local or /sw can interfere with MacPorts (because, as you see,  
software likes to look there for things, though we don't want it to).

sudo mv /sw /sw-off
sudo mv /usr/local /usr/local-off
sudo port clean --work someport

where "someport" is whatever port failed. Then try again.

> As suggested by Michel I tried 'port contents boost | grep regex-mt'
> but it did not find the file. However, I was not sure if that command
> was searching the directories after the install or seaching sources
> that will be installed.

"port contents boost" shows all files that got installed by boost.  
This is then piped through grep to show only those files whose names  
contain "regex-mt". On my systems (10.4.11 Intel and PowerPC) I see:

$ port contents boost | grep regex-mt

You don't see that, so your boost is not installing those files...  
not sure why...

You could do this:

sudo port deactivate boost
sudo port clean --work boost
sudo port configure boost
open $(port dir boost)

Then go into the work directory, into the boost source directory, and  
attach the config.log file to an email reply. I'll run the same on my  
system and see if I see any differences that might point to the problem.

Then to clean up, don't forget to:

sudo port clean --work boost
sudo port activate boost

> Does anyone have any other suggestion? I only hope that installing
> mpeg4ip will be less trouble.

You mentioned you were on Mac OS X 10.4.11... are you on Intel or  
PowerPC? Do you have at least Xcode 2.4.1? If not, download and  
install Xcode 2.5 from:

>> On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 1:37 PM, Mine <i.cue at> wrote:
>>> Thanks for replying. You are right the libboost_regex-mt.dylib  is
>>> not in /opt/local/lib.  However it appears that Boost 1.35.0_2 is
>>> the version installed. I have searched and found a Boost 1.36.0.
>>> As I am not very familiar with MacPortsIs, do you know if it
>>> possible to get MacPorts to install apps that are not in its  
>>> database.
>> Try 'port contents boost | grep regex-mt' to see if your boost
>> installation contains that file at all. Perhaps the problem is  
>> that it
>> was not installed properly, in which case you might want to reinstall
>> boost from macports.
>> Boost 1.36 has some API changes, I believe, so you don't want to
>> upgrade to it yet. It was introduced and then pulled out from Fedora
>> Linux's development tree, for example. If you *do* want to try it,
>> however, the way to do it would be to modify the Portfile that tells
>> MacPorts how to build Boost, so that it uses the new version instead.
>> See the documentation for details.

FYI, an enhancement request has already been filed to update boost to  
1.36; if you want to test it you can grab the portfile from here:

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