installed second MacPorts copy, now can't see installed ports

Joshua Root jmr at
Fri Apr 3 21:12:48 PDT 2009

Allen McBride wrote:
> Thanks very much!  I re-installed MP with the defaults, and things work
> again, so I'm relieved.
> So for the second install I'd pass, say,
> "--with-tclpackage=/Library/Tcl-test" or something like that?

Sure, you can actually put it anywhere you like. The reason why these
files live in /Library/Tcl in the first place, rather than somewhere
under $prefix, is so that you can fire up /usr/bin/tclsh and 'package
require macports' will work.

> Also, I noticed just before re-installing that my bash prompt, which had
> always been begun with "Macintosh:" now begins with "Macintosh-2:". 
> Does this have something to do with MP's changes to /Library/Tcl? 
> (Before today, I had always installed MP with the binary packages.)

Tcl shouldn't affect your shell at all. Could be a Bonjour thing?

- Josh

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