Simple SMTP Relay?

Joshua Root jmr at
Tue Feb 10 23:05:43 PST 2009

Michael Crawford wrote:
> Greetings, Fellow Travelers.
> I don't have an SMTP server to use, so I can only send mail from GMail
> and not from Thunderbird.  Does MacPorts have a simple SMTP server I
> could run on my Mac, that would look up the recipient's MX record and
> deliver my outgoing mail directly to the recipient's mail server?
> I thought ssmtp might do it, but it's not a daemon but a command-line
> program for sending individual messages.

'port search smtp' and 'port search mta' should give you some ideas. The
putmail port looks promising, or you can use a full-blown MTA like exim
or postfix. The latter comes installed with OS X already, BTW.

- Josh

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