error near build_libtool_libs

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun Feb 22 10:28:00 PST 2009

Peter O'Gorman wrote:
> William Davis wrote:
>> the following error appears in something like 6 ports:
>> checking for gawk... gawk
>> checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... yes
>> ./configure: line 2554: syntax error near unexpected token
>> `build_libtool_libs,'
>> ./configure: line 2554: `    _LT_DECL(build_libtool_libs, enable_shared,
>> 0,'
>> and configure fails.
> _LT_DECL is an internal libtool macro that was introduced in
> libtool-2.2.x. The fact that it appears verbatim in configure means that
> m4 did not find a definition for it when it created configure, because,
> I assume, aclocal did not find the libtool-2.x macros in its search path.
> Please try rebuilding the problematic ports with the libtool port
> installed. If the build succeeds, then file tickets on those ports for
> the missing build dependency.

The aalib port does depend on libtool (and autoconf and automake), and
it builds fine for me. Do any of those three need to be upgraded?

- Josh

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