[Q] how to uninstall "not registered" inactive ports

Rainer Müller raimue at macports.org
Wed Feb 25 20:54:49 PST 2009

Kuniaki Mukai wrote:
> % sudo port uninstall  p5-test-simple at 0.86  
> Error: port uninstall failed: Registry error: p5-test-simple 0.86 not registered as installed.
> % port list inactive
> p5-test-harness                @3.14           perl/p5-test-harness
> p5-test-simple                 @0.86           perl/p5-test-simple

Do not use the list command, it does not give you the version number you
expected. The problem here is, list reports version 0.86 which the
latest available version of p5-test-simple, and that's what list is
supposed to do. But this does not mean you have p5-test-simple @0.86

Instead, use:
  port installed inactive

It will give you more accurate information and tell you the real
versions you have installed.


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