[Q] how to uninstall "not registered" inactive ports

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Wed Feb 25 21:01:13 PST 2009

Kuniaki Mukai wrote:
> Hello
> I have two inactive ports, which I want to uninstall. 
> But I got only "not registered" message.
> I appreciate if some one give me any hint on  how to uninstall 
> such inactive ports. 
> % port list inactive
> p5-test-harness                @3.14           perl/p5-test-harness
> p5-test-simple                 @0.86           perl/p5-test-simple

'port list' doesn't show you the version that is installed, it shows you
the version that is currently available in the ports tree. You most
likely want to use 'port installed inactive' or 'port echo inactive' here.

This is only half your problem in this particular case, however.

> % sudo port uninstall  inactive and p5-test-*
> --->  Unable to uninstall p5-test-harness 3.14_0, the following ports depend on it:
> --->  	p5-test-simple
> Error: port uninstall failed: Please uninstall the ports that depend on p5-test-harness first.

This is pretty straightforward, port isn't letting you uninstall
p5-test-harness because it has dependents. This also means that you
probably want to activate this port, since you wouldn't be getting this
message if there were another version of it active.

> % sudo port uninstall  p5-test-simple at 0.86  
> Error: port uninstall failed: Registry error: p5-test-simple 0.86 not registered as installed.

This is failing because you are asking for the version given by 'port
list', which is different to the one that is installed.

- Josh

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