moving MacPorts across architectures?

Joshua Root jmr at
Thu Jul 2 18:28:43 PDT 2009

On 2009-7-3 11:05, Rich Morin wrote:
> I'm moving from a Power Mac to a Mac Pro.
> So, I suspect that my best bet is to nuke /opt and load all the
> ports from scratch.  Is this reasonable?  Any other ideas?

Yes, it's the same deal as moving to a new major OS version. The only
reliable way forward at present is to reinstall all your ports. This
sequence will at least preserve all your config files etc.:

% port installed > my_installed_ports.txt
% sudo port -f uninstall installed
Install MacPorts from the appropriate .dmg
Go through my_installed_ports.txt, and for each port you specifically
want, do: % sudo port install portname +variant1 +variant2 ...

Someone wrote a script to automate some of this, which you should be
able to find in the list archives.

- Josh

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