Reverting to previous ports - mysql5

Chris Janton face at CentosPrime.COM
Sat Jun 6 08:32:45 PDT 2009

This is on my 10.3 system.

I unfortunately installed mysql5-server on my 10.3.9 system after  
getting an "obsolete +server" message.

My startup files have become confused.

I figure one way to get back to where I want to be is to get rid of  
the current mysql5 and replace it with a previous version

   mysql5 @5.0.77_2+server
   mysql5 @5.0.81_0+server
   mysql5 @5.0.82_0+server (active)

so I deactivated .82 and activated .81 -

My attempts to use SystemStarter to start mysql5 failed, but I was  
able to get back where I belong by issuing the start command on its own

  sudo /opt/local/share/mysql5/mysql/mysql.server start

So - besides replacing 10.3.9 (maybe by the end of August, possibly  
end of October) - what should I do about updates to mysql5?


Chris Janton  - face at CentosPrime dot COM
Netminder for Opus1.COM

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