Yet Another Problem Installing Amarok

Hal Vaughan hal at
Thu Jun 25 20:29:29 PDT 2009

Okay, Amarok is installed now.  There's another problem, but since  
that's an entirely new issue, I'm going back to the other thread,  
since I think it's connected with that time my terminal locked up.


On Jun 25, 2009, at 8:52 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Jun 25, 2009, at 19:24, Hal Vaughan wrote:
>> My last problem is cleared now -- it froze on installing kdebase4- 
>> runtime.  When I got it all working (as in rebooted and updated  
>> some stuff from Apple), I ran "sudo port install amarok" and it  
>> went through a lot of stuff, then I'm stuck with this:
>> --->  Fetching taglib-devel
>> Error: Target org.macports.fetch returned: Subversion check out  
>> failed
>> Error: The following dependencies failed to build: taglib-devel  
>> taglib-extras
>> Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.
>> When I saw that, it sounded like it had a problem reading data from  
>> an svn repository, so I waited and tried it again, in case a site  
>> was down.  Still no luck.
>> So what is actually going on here and how can I fix it?  I tried  
>> Google, but didn't see much info on it and when I googled the error  
>> message, I found no hits!
> taglib-devel wants to check out its files from the KDE project's  
> anonymous Subversion repository, which seems not to be working for  
> you. This has been reported before, with no solution listed so far:
> If you can figure out the solution let us know.
> What happens if you type
> svn ls svn://
> in the terminal? If it's working, it should list the contents of  
> that directory.
> I should note that fetching taglib-devel works fine for me, so maybe  
> there is a problem using the svn protocol (port 3690) on your network.

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