Gimp bus error

Janosch Peters petersj at
Tue Nov 3 13:09:22 PST 2009


Since a few weeks, gimp crashes shortly after the UI comes up. If I 
drag the picture window over the desktop it crashes every time.

This is the output:

zaphod:skript jp$ gimp --g-fatal-warnings --stack-trace-mode=always
gimp: fatal error: Bus error
#0  0x9716b851 in __wait4 ()
#1  0x9716b847 in waitpid$UNIX2003 ()
#2  0x010422ec in g_on_error_stack_trace ()
#3  0x00002be0 in gimp_eek ()
#4  0x00002c64 in gimp_fatal_error ()
#5  0x000036cc in gimp_sigfatal_handler ()
#6  <signal handler called>
#7  0x00000000 in ?? ()
#8  0x00b654b9 in send_crossing_event ()
#9  0x00b6650e in _gdk_windowing_got_event ()
#10 0x00b7257c in _gdk_events_queue ()
#11 0x00b7117c in gdk_event_dispatch ()
#12 0x01068a0d in g_main_context_dispatch ()
#13 0x0106c48b in g_main_context_iterate ()
#14 0x0106c767 in g_main_loop_run ()
#15 0x00002319 in app_run ()
#16 0x00003493 in main ()

(script-fu:48431): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: script-fu: gimp_wire_read(): 

But DBus IS running:

zaphod:skript jp$ ps ax|grep dbus
48275   ??  Ss     0:00.00 /opt/local/bin/dbus-daemon --system --nofork
48373 s002  R+     0:00.00 grep dbus

Im really lost now. I rebuilt all dependencies of gimp to single out 
any errors which may be caused by linking to old libraries. BTW I use 
the quartz variant:

The following ports are currently installed:
  gimp2 @2.6.7_0+darwin_9+debug+no_x11+quartz (active)
  gimp2 @2.6.7_0+darwin_9+no_x11+quartz

Any help is appreciated.


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