unison 2.32

joerg van den hoff j.van_den_hoff at fzd.de
Fri Nov 13 07:42:34 PST 2009

hi there,

some 4 weeks ago I learned from the list that there are problems with the  
GUI preventing
to provide 2.32 for 10.6 via macports.

in the meantime I've got a new macbook running 10.6 and tried to migrate  
my data from a desktop
ppc running 10.4 using unison 2.27.

contrary to the errorfree operation when doing exactly the same between  
the desktop machine
and my previous g4-labtop (running 10.4 as well) I now get _lots_ of  
"fingerprint mismatch" errors leading
to substantial ommissions in the transfer. (if anybody has an idea, _why_  
these problems occur, I would of course
appreciate some feedback.)

I'm therefore coming back to this: unison 2.32 supposedly is significant  
improved vs. 2.27. (and especially
there is a remark in the release notes concerning temp-files for  
inspecting 'fingerprint mismatch' errors...),
so maybe my problems go away (or can be solved via the unison list)
if I can upgrade to unison 2.32 both on the 10.4 and the 10.6 machine.

I even would be happy to get the 10.6 version alone (since the desktop  
will be upgraded to 10.6 soon).

my question therefore is: if you've managed to get the commandline version  
running would it not be possible
to provide this for the time being, for instance as a different port  
'unison-cli-only'? or is there another
way to get hold of it?

thanks in advance


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