Gimp installation errors

Dominik Reichardt domiman at
Wed Nov 18 06:54:54 PST 2009

> :-) Well, I actually did not look for a ready made - pre-compiled - Gimp
> package. I thought that most or all X11 programs had to be
> installed/compiled via MacPorts. I just starting using a Mac two weeks ago
> you see. Thanks a lot for curing my ignorance. I will get the package and
> install Gimp like this. Sometimes I just make life more difficult then
> necessary.
> The only reason for getting a package via Mac Ports would be if that meant
> getting the most updated Gimp. But if I can use a ready made 2.6 like I saw
> @ why n

I always look for ready made packages, especially for the big packages that have a lot of dependancies, since I know how many things get wrong along the way. After the third depencency that doesn't build because it needs a patch or needs a variant, it gets annoying :)
You really don't need to compile all X11 programs yourself, most of the times it's good enough to have the latest X11 or XQuartz installed. And atm, the X11 that came with SL is the latest :)

Have fun with The Gimp!

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