unison 2.32

Jochen Küpper kuepper.jochen at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 14 05:12:29 PST 2009

On 13.11.2009, at 16:42, joerg van den hoff wrote:

> my question therefore is: if you've managed to get the commandline version running would it not be possible
> to provide this for the time being, for instance as a different port 'unison-cli-only'? or is there another
> way to get hold of it?

Well, in a way an unison-devel port would be appropriate, using the 2.32 sources. Maybe cli only, or with cli as a (non-default) variant.
Why don’t you try to implement this, starting from a copy of the current unison port and come back with specific questions if this doesn’t work out?

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