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Scott Webster sewebster at
Wed Aug 18 19:13:43 PDT 2010

I'm glad you got it to work.  Too bad it didn't work through macports
in the first place.  Maybe I'll try it sometime and see if I can
figure it out.


On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 4:23 PM, Mike Bronner <mike.bronner at> wrote:
> I want to thank Scott Webster and Ryan Schmidt for their feedback concerning the isntallation of Asterisk and AsteriskNow on my Mac server.
> Here are the steps I ended up with success:
> 1) Install some pre-reqs (I don't have the list in front of me right now) according to a few tutorials online from MacPorts.
> 2) Install Asterisk from source using the provided standard *nix installation instructions.
> 3) Install AsteriskNow from source using the standard *nix installation instructions.
> 4) Followed an AsteriskNow tutorial on how to install and set up the initial admin user to log in.
> 5) Deleted /etc/asterisk.
> 6) Created a symlink /etc/asterisk to point to the actual configuration files installed somewhere under /usr/etc/asterisk (I don't have the exact path in front of me).
> Anyway, after some trial and error I did finally succeed. :)
> Thanks guys!
> PS: Next project is trying to get Asterisk working with FreePBX on my Mac server.
> ~Mike
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