gcc42 hangs

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Mon Feb 1 06:35:28 PST 2010

On Feb 1, 2010, at 08:19, Raphael Attie wrote:

>> It will take over an hour to build on a modern fast Intel Mac, and much longer on older slower Macs. How long have you let it go? You can use the debug switch to see what's happening:
>> sudo port -d install gcc43
> I see. I let it for about ~1 hour. I'll just run it again and will be more patient.
> I am unfamiliar with building gcc. How come it is that slow ?

It's quite a large piece of software.

> Will macport automatically change the symbolic links in /usr/bin ? or will it keep things internal to the macport tree (it's what i'd intuitively expect) ?

MacPorts will not change anything in /usr/bin and you should not either.

If you want "gcc" to be the MacPorts gcc43, then you should install the gcc_select port and use the gcc_select program to select the gcc43 version.

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