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On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 6:19 PM, Glenn English <ghe at> wrote:

> On Feb 7, 2010, at 7:44 AM, Jasper Frumau wrote:
> > I just added ProFTPD and I am adjusting the ProFTPD configuration file. I
> need to add ftp user and group. I went to system preferences > accounts and
> added group ftp. When I wanted to add user ftp it said the name was already
> reserved. I decided to abort and remove newly created group fpt.. So I guess
> a user ftp is already there.
> My understanding is that users 'ftp' and 'anonymous' are reserved for
> anonymous FTP, and are therefore disallowed for real users.

I see.

> They aren't real in that they aren't in the passwd file, but there is a
> /home/ftp directory,

There is now home/ftp directory on my Mac. I have:

$ pwd
$ ls | grep ftp

Found those with hints in man proftpd

> created by the FTP server (I don't do anon FTP myself).

I guess U could turn that off (comment it out) too. I just use this local
FTP server to run some OS CMS locally for testing

> > How can I check this from the command line?
> 'cat /etc/passwd' -- the user names are the first thing in the lines.
> That's how it works on other unices, anyway. OS X seems to have put my
> username somewhere else; there are lots of names there, but I'm not in that
> list.

Mine isn't either

> Ask Google??

Will continue doing online research on showing ftp and ordinary user groups
in OSX. Thanks for the tips Glenn!

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> Glenn English
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