Problem Installing Macports and Tsocks on OS-X 10.6.2

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Jan 19 13:27:33 PST 2010

On Jan 19, 2010, at 06:20, Caron Schaller wrote:

> Well I had to reinstall it too because when I typed "port installed" it did not show up. But now it is installed and ready. Yet when I use this website: and I am at the bottom at Running WoW through tsocks 
> something does not work. I put in the directory just as it is and I checked to see if the application was really in this directory. I put quotes around each folder in terminal and it still did not work. 
> This is what it spits back:
> b00mc1ap:~ caron_schaller$ tsocks /Users/caron_schaller/Library/"C# Encoder"/C#etc/"World of Warcraft"/\
> > Contents/MacOS/"World of" &
> [1] 73276
> b00mc1ap:~ caron_schaller$ /opt/local/bin/tsocks: line 109: /Users/caron_schaller/Library/C# Encoder/C#etc/ of Warcraft/Contents/MacOS/World of No such file or directory
> /opt/local/bin/tsocks: line 109: exec: /Users/caron_schaller/Library/C# Encoder/C#etc/ of Warcraft/Contents/MacOS/World of cannot execute: No such file or directory
> Any ideas? I have tried multiple times and have moved the folder.

I think you've mixed up "World of" and "World of Warcraft" (without the .app).

I recommend you use tab completion to help you type paths correctly. In the Terminal, type "tsocks", a space, then "/Use" and a tab, "car" and a tab, "Lib", tab, "C", tab, "C", tab, "com", tab, "World", tab, "Co", tab, "Ma", tab, "Wo", tab. Hopefully that will complete the path. If at any tab it does not complete and instead beeps, press tab again and it'll show you multiple choices and you can type as much of the choice you want as is necessary to make the tab completion work.

Another way to enter paths correctly is to drag them in from the Finder. In Terminal, type "tsocks" and a space. Then, in the Finder, navigate to the World of Warcraft app. Control-click or right-click it and select Show Package Contents. Navigate into the Contents directory and the MacOS directory inside it. The World of Warcraft executable there is the one you want. Drag it into the Terminal window, which will enter its path. Then, in the Terminal, press Return.

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