wxWidgets fails building pgAdmin3

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Thu Jan 28 23:43:26 PST 2010

On Jan 28, 2010, at 20:51, Peter B. West wrote:

> With the changes you mention, port still tries to build wxWidgets. I tried changing the wx-config:wxWidgets tp wx-config:wxWidgets-devel, but that failed with a different set of errors. There is a wx-config in /opt/local/lib/wx-devel/bin/wx-config, and a /usr/bin/wx-config. Is there some confusion between these?

Hmm, sorry, I don't have wxWidgets-devel installed, but I do have wxWidgets installed, and I assumed wxWidgets-devel would install files in the exact same places as wxWidgets, since that is how -devel ports are supposed to function. Apparently wxWidgets-devel breaks with our conventions. In that case, just change the dependency to port:wxWidgets-devel. That's not a change I expect us to be incorporating officially, however.

Also, the existence of /usr/bin/wx-config is surprising, since /usr/bin is a directory into which I would expect only Apple to install, and Apple does not provide any builds of wxWidgets. How did this script get there? Did you install some other wxWidgets binary package before perhaps? If so, that might be interfering, and you should uninstall it.

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