Installing OPENVPN2 as i386 on Snow Leopard

Michael Hieb michael.hieb at
Sat Jan 30 02:54:06 PST 2010

Apologies if this is covered in the documentation or archives. I've 
looked and not found the clue I need.

Problem: openvpn2 (@ installed as default or universal on snow 
leopard has a bug in which it is unable to detect the default gateway 
and consequently cannot set up the proper routing tables. This was 
covered in a ticket from last year.

To my knowledge no progress on the macport, though there is a patch 
apparently submitted to openvpn for linux and windows.

The macport ticket reports that if openvpn2 is installed as an i386 
executable that the bug can be circumvented. The problem is that I 
haven't been able to figure out how to build openvpn2 as an i386 
executable. Preferably I'd like to change the settings only for openvpn2 
and not the entire macports installation.

I have tried to date setting the configure.cflags-append in the openvpn2 
portfile. e.g.

configure.cflags-append = "-arch i386"

and find the executable fails to build with multiple architectures (i386 
and x86_64)

I also tried to use a build_arch directive in the portfile but that is 
apparently not the correct place to use this directive.

Apologies if I have overlooked the obvious and thanks for any clue provided.


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