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Fri Jun 11 15:51:14 PDT 2010

On Jun 11, 2010, at 2:58 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Jun 11, 2010, at 16:44, Scott Haneda wrote:
>> I have a portfile I am working on, sitting on my desktop.
>> [snip...] 
>> At some point, the output hits this:
>> --->  Attempting to fetch the_software.zip from http://voxel.dl.sourceforge.net/the_software
>> I then get 15 or so 404 errors for a file not found.
>> Is it completely wrong to try to install a port this way?
> Nope, that's just fine, except the project doesn't appear to have released any distfiles for Try version instead; that fetches ok for me.

OMFGBBQWTF, this is the worst SF project I have ever dealt with.  Their version numbers, what is listed on the website, what is listed in their file repo etc., its like a one legged turtle. Upside down.  Thanks for taking the time to look that up.

>> It looks like app the dependencies went in.  Is there a way to check that the dependencies for a certain port are installed aside form `port installed` and comparing it to the list of dependencies from `port info` or similar?
> With 1.9's new pseudoports I think we now have a shorthand way to do this:
> port echo rdepof:assp and not installed

Well that is damn handy.  How do I do something like this though:
    port echo rdepof:~/Desktop/Portfile

Ok, so I got it installed now, yay!
    $port echo rdepof:ASSP and not installed

    $port installed | grep -i assp
      ASSP @ (active)
    $grep 'port\:' Portfile 
    depends_lib         port:p5-io-compress \
                        port:p5-digest-md5 \
                        port:p5-digest-sha1 \
                        port:p5-email-mime-modifier \
                        port:p5-email-send \
                        port:p5-email-valid \
                        port:p5-file-readbackwards \
                        port:p5-io-socket-ssl \
                        port:p5-libwww-perl \
                        port:p5-mail-spf \
                        port:p5-mail-srs \
                        port:p5-net \
                        port:p5-net-cidr-lite \
                        port:p5-net-dns \
                        port:p5-net-ip-match-regexp \
                        port:p5-net-senderbase \
                        port:p5-net-syslog \
                        port:p5-perl-ldap \
                        port:p5-sys-syslog \
                        port:p5-tie-dbi \
                        port:p5-time-hires \
                        port:p5-io-socket-ssl \
                        port:p5-email-send \
                        port:p5-text-iconv \

Here are a few more after reading more of the man page for `port`
    $port list rdependentof ASSP
    assp                           @1.1.0          mail/assp
    $port list dependentof ASSP
    assp                           @1.1.0          mail/assp
    $port list depof ASSP
    assp                           @1.1.0          mail/assp
    $port list rdepof ASSP
    assp                           @1.1.0          mail/assp

    $port echo depof:ASSP

    $port dependents ASSP
    ASSP has no dependents.

>> Oh, I thought all I wold need to do was bump the version and update the checksums, what is the best way to get the checksums aside from just trying to install, letting it fail, and copying and pasting?
> That's how I do it. "sudo port -d checksum", copy the 3 checksum lines out of the debug output, paste them into the portfile, reformat to match the portfile's existing formatting. I've meant to write a script that would automate this but haven't done so yet.

Cool, thanks. I may give that script a try myself, sounds like a quick and semi-fun one.

Did MacPorts get significantly faster, I just popped the version on this to and while I understand MP's can't make things compile any faster, the text that was scrolling by that was MP's based stuff, felt a heck of a lot faster.  If it did, good work to everyone involved, it is certainly something I can feel, which generally means at least 20% improvement.

Thanks for the help.
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