ticket#25375 couchdb (rookie here)

Daniel Terreros daniel.terreros at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 10:34:19 PDT 2010


So I'm the dude that submitted ticket #25375 and it appears that it may be a
duplicate(not ready to admit to that just yet :). The prevailing thought is
that this patch needs to be applied and couchdb on macports will be back up
and running again.

So I ask

How can I help? What should I do? I'd be happy to do it. I'm looking to
contribute back to the community that has made my venture into development
so easy, and couchdb is my favorite. How can I take the couchdb source .12
(or the patched version) and get it to macports ? I read the dev section of
the manual, so I just follow that step by step? I'm all for getting my hands
dirty to learn.

Good times and thanks in advance

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