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Sun Mar 14 19:19:16 PDT 2010

On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 20:34, LuKreme <kremels at> wrote:
> OK, so I try to the suggested command
> bash-3.2# sudo port upgrade --enforce-variants ghostscript +universal
> A short delay, no output, and then a prompt. So I check what is installed
> bash-3.2# port installed ghostscript
> The following ports are currently installed:
>  ghostscript @8.71_1+no_x11 (active)

I'm not sure why you're not seeing any output; even installing an
already installed port should print something.  The reason ghostscript
doesn't have "+universal" is because its Portfile specifically marks
it as not supporting that variant.  Therefore IM will fail when it
tries to reference GS+universal  Leave it off or use -universal if

In my opinion, it's probably a good idea to compile every port
possible with +universal to try to avoid these issues, though it won't
always.  You can set this in /opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf [1]

Then you only have to worry about those few ports which can't compile
universal and aren't already marked as such.
ImageMagick probably would compile successfully for both archs, but
ghostscript won't right now and IM doesn't "know" this.

The solution is to install ImageMagick with the negative universal
variant: "-universal".

Unfortunately negative variants aren't currently stored, so you'll
have to specify it again when you upgrade.  In other words, port
upgrade outdated will fail when building and you'll need to install
the update with your specific variants and negative variant for

IM could also use a bug report noting that it needs "universal_variant
no" added to the Portfile, at least until ghostscript gains universal

[1] You may also want to add a default variant for +nutter

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