How long does a complete build work?/Gramps on Mac

David Rowe drowe at
Sat Mar 20 14:37:21 PDT 2010

On 20/03/2010 19:04, guylinton wrote:
> I appreciate that MacPorts is largely(?) a volunteer effort, but it seems
> that there is a very short time when a full build works.
> I have been trying to update my build  (of Gramps) since 16 March.
Gramps under MacPorts is no longer being maintained - so don't expect it 
to work - ever.

It was abandoned when the GTK-OSX port of Gramps was made available - see

Mind you, this version is based on gramps-3.1.2 - I don't know when the 
newly-released version 3.2 will be available under MacOSX

Your best bet is to switch to the GTK-OSX version.
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