Encountering error in upgrade of subversion

Kok-Yong Tan ktan at realityartisans.com
Sun Mar 21 12:33:53 PDT 2010

On Mar 21, 2010, at 11:22, Daniel J. Luke wrote:

> On Mar 21, 2010, at 1:52 AM, Kok-Yong Tan wrote:
>>  I noticed that despite it also making the same complaint about  
>> ruby being too outdated for subversion 1.6.5 to use, the build had  
>> continued until it crapped out about an hour later instead of  
>> acknowledging the critical dependency on ruby versions and just  
>> stopping at that point so it would be obvious what the issue was.
> Do you happen to have that build output? If there's a bug in the  
> subversion port, I'd like to fix it :)

I'm afraid the scroll buffer has scrolled it off--I was trying to  
install something else which is also failing--net-snmp.

> I don't think having an old ruby should prevent subversion from  
> installing, though.

See below.

>> I discovered that if I manually built the latest version of ruby  
>> and then went back to do a deactivate, clean and install,  
>> subversion 1.6.5 built and installed without problems.  FYI.
> FYI, you probably don't want to mix installing things yourself in / 
> usr/local and using macports. I would recommend that you remove  
> your self-installed ruby and make use of the macports ruby port.

No, what I meant is that I had to "manually" install ruby by doing  
"port -v install ruby" before doing "port -v install subversion" and  
that "port -v install subversion" didn't seem to automatically chain  
to an installation of ruby.  If I didn't manually do a "port -v  
install ruby", "port -v install subversion" kept insisting that the  
copy of /usr/bin/ruby was "too old to be used by subversion" (I'm  
paraphrasing here but it was something very close to that) towards  
the end of the "check stage" of the subversion build where it looked  
for supporting utilities after a "port deactivate subversion", "port  
clean subversion" and then "port install subversion" and kept  
stopping towards the end of the attempted installation. Once ruby was  
installed in /opt/local/bin, the build of subversion worked fine. If  
ruby itself isn't required by subversion, it could be that by doing  
the "port -v install ruby", it pulled in something that subversion  
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