.profile file possible corrupted?

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I have been trying to install macports for awhile now. I originally installed it to use recoll, which is a search utility I believe. Maybe I could ask some general questions about macports.

I originally downloaded the macports dmg file and used the installer to install it on my hard drive. So one question I have is, does macports come with snow leopard? Which is probably
A stupid question. But before I started trying to install macports, there was nothing on my computer about macports? I have seen the term MacPorts used aswell, but there was nothing on my computer, even in the applications folder related to macports?

One reason I ask is I have installed and reinstalled macports about five times or so. And I have thrown out folders called macports, and I just wondered if I did something wrong?

I have uninstalled also using directions from the macports site, I think. Where I use port -f uninstall installed. But I have also just thrown out folders called macports? I have also noticed when I uninstalled folders in my directory structure called macports, so I don't know if I uninstalled correctly?

I remember my first attempt, I was reading a tutorial on recoll. And I downloaded macports, used the dmg file to install it then I edited sources.conf by putting a local repository pointing to my home directory, and then added the following line:

rsync://rsync.macports.org/release/ports [default]

I later found out that these instructions were old, that recoll is now a part of macports. But I am saying this because when I went into terminal some how my computer started downloading all this software. Which surprised me because originally I just wanted recoll. Like one of the things my computer downloaded was python.

And I think my computer was configuring and installing this software. So I wondered is this the basic idea behind macports, like I haven't been able to get back to that point? My computer get stuck during my initial try and I had to close down the terminal window. Days later I tried to repeat what I did but ran into problems.

My latest attempt I used svn, because rsync and http weren't working. I used svn following a tutorial and my terminal window downloaded a lot of stuff i.e. There was an uppercase A on the left of my terminal window and stuff would scroll by.

I then edited sources.conf by adding the following line:

file:///opt/local/var/macports/sources/svn.macports.org/trunk/dports [default]

And commented out the rsync line. Does this tell macports to look for this on my computer. Like when I run selfupdate? Rather than going to the web?

Is the software I downloaded configured and installed? I don't think it is because I tried running recoll but can't find the executable? I think I could manually install recoll, but is there a way to install all the ports I downloaded?

I have been getting an error when trying to run selfupdate, it says:

Error: /opt/local/bin/port: port selfupdate failed: Error synchronizing MacPorts sources: shell command failed (see log)

I the my .profile file is corrupted but not sure, I have a .profile file in my home directory and then I have 5 .profile.macports-saved_ files with different dates on them.

I am wondering if the error I am getting, and the fact that rsync and http aren't working, and the fact that I can't selfupdate are related?

Any help would be appreciated

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