X11 Crashing When Launching Programs That Require GTK2

Ivan Kawaler Ink_Blot at att.net
Wed Aug 24 09:31:29 PDT 2011

I am not sure if it actually has anything to do with GTK2, but that  
was the first common variable I've found.  When launching from the X11  
Applications menu, the programs begin to launch, and then X11  
crashes.  When launching the programs from the Mac OS X Terminal, I  
get the following common messages:

Xlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display "/tmp/launch-4qwYnI/:0".
easytag: Fatal IO error 35 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X  
server /tmp/launch-4qwYnI/:0.

for gimp, the last line was:

gimp: Fatal IO error 0 (Unknown error: 0) on X server /tmp/ 

There is a file in /tmp/launch-4qwYnI/ with a name of /0 and a size of  
0 bytes.  This started happening after I upgraded MacPorts to version  
2.0.1 from the last version of 1.  Does anyone know of a fix?  I am  
running on a PPC with 10.5.8.  Thanks in advance.


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