mediatomb ignores sigHUP

Björn Lundin b.f.lundin at
Sun Feb 6 12:56:58 PST 2011

I got mediatomb 0.12.1 running on a ppc mac with Leopard
Works great but for detecting changes in the filesystem.

on other platforms, sending hup will make it rescan the media files

But, I find this in the mediatomb.log:
2011-02-06 21:35:01 WARNING: SIGHUP handling was disabled during compilation.

Ok, so I look at
and I find:

This option turns on SIGHUP handling, every time a SIGHUP is caught we
will attempt to restart the server and reread the configuration file.
By default this feature is enabled for x86 platforms, but is disabled
for others. We discovered that MediaTomb will not cleanly restart on
ARM based systems, investigations revealed that this is somehow
related to an unclean libupnp shutdown. This will be fixed in a later

auto detect

So, being on ppc, I look in the Portfile and there is no mention of
this configure switch.

How is the best way to override the portfile? Or add args to the install part?
Is there 'sudo port install mediatomb +config-option=--enable-sighup'
or something similar?
Or should I just edit the portfile and add it there?
And if I'd like this to be macport's default behaviour, do I just open
a ticket and request that change?


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