What/where Xcode 4.0.2 for Macports install in Snow Leopard?

Dominik Reichardt domiman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 02:01:34 PST 2011

On 27.11.2011, at 21:45, Ned Deily wrote:

> What I think everyone agrees on is that, if you did not purchase Xcode 
> 4.0 for SL when it was available prior to the release of Lion, you can 
> no longer purchase it through the Mac App Store - period.  The open 
> question - and one that I would love to get a definitive answer to - is, 
> if you *did* purchase Xcode 4.0 for SL while it was for sale in the App 
> Store *and* you are still running SL, what is now available to you for 
> downloads for SL from the App Store?  Is it:
> 1) still Xcode 4.0 for SL
> 2) Xcode 4.x for SL
> 3) Xcode 4.x for Lion
> 4) none of the above
> Can anyone else who is still running 10.6 SL and who purchased Xcode 4 
> through the App Store say what happens when they try to download Xcode 4 
> from the App Store now (or since Xcode 4.2 was released)?

Ok, on the SL machine with my App Store account with which I bought Xcode 4.0 back then on SL:

In the purchased list I see two Xcode apps to install:
- Xcode (which is the one you can find in the store through searching and which will not even download on SL because it is for Lion only)
- Xcode for Snow Leopard

Clicking on the icon for Xcode for snow Leopard will produce an error that the App Store can't finish the request (since there is no actual application page for that).
Clicking on install will download it correctly and looking at the content it is indeed Xcode 4.2, so it is safe to assume that whoever purchased Xcode 4.0 will always be up to date with the Xcode 4.x that Apple offers in the developer members area.
However I did *not* install it since I want to keep that SL machine in a default user condition without any developer stuff so I can be assured that apps built on my development machine do actually run on a default machine :)

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