upgrading coreutils

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Tue Nov 29 19:10:24 PST 2011

On Nov 29, 2011, at 20:44, deva seetharam wrote:

> as per your recommendation, i ran "port clean installed" and "port -vv upgrade outdated".


> :debug:main Skipping completed org.macports.archivefetch (coreutils)
> :debug:main Skipping completed org.macports.fetch (coreutils)
> :debug:main Skipping completed org.macports.checksum (coreutils)
> :debug:main Skipping completed org.macports.extract (coreutils)
> :debug:main Skipping completed org.macports.patch (coreutils)
> :debug:configure configure phase started at Wed Nov 30 08:06:22 IST 2011
> :notice:configure --->  Configuring coreutils

Please actually clean the failing port: coreutils.

sudo port clean coreutils

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