N00b: Xcode 4.1, Lion, C compiler cannot create executables?

Geordon VanTassle gvantass at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 12:10:21 PDT 2011

Please forgive my low level of knowledge, I'm mostly just a button pusher.

However, I am trying to install some dependencies for a project that I'm working on and everything seems to be failing because the C compiler cannot create executables.  I looked for something in the MacPorts ticket problems lists, and the closest thing that I can find suggested that it's a setup problem.  I downloaded the Xcode installer from the App Store and executed it (install went fine, apparently, Xcode environment opens with not a problem).

I did a "port clean gperf" (gperf is the first item that is failing) and tried to install a second time, and it failed again.  I have attached the main.log in hopes that someone with more knowledge than I have can tell me what's goung pear-shaped.

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