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>> use -x11 +quartz instead, or you're likely to continue to get X11 anyway.
> just to check: +quartz is meant to indicate I installed XQuartz myself and that macports will not try to install any X related packages?  I damn well want to avoid macports switching to XQuartz based bloat.

No. It means don't use X11 at all, but use the native OSX graphics. e.g.

Chris-Jones-Macbook-Pro ~ > port variants gimp
gimp has the variants:
   animation: Include the Gimp Animation Package (gimp-gap).
   manual: Include help files.
   quartz: Support for native Mac OS X graphics

If an application needs to link against X11, its MacPorts policy to always install its own X11 libraries, and not use the system ones. See


for the reasons why.

cheers Chris

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>> /opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf is where you put the variants you want to enable/disable by default.
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