Ruby 1.9

Jeremy Lavergne jeremy at
Sat Jun 9 20:43:06 PDT 2012

> I  don't get it..

The big take away is gem is probably the wrong one, either an alias needs set or you need to use the full path when you call it. Since the version of gem changed, likely all the ruby gems need rebuilt (not a rubyist, so not actually certain here). Make sure the commands you're running match up with the ones you meant to run, and of course that you still have installed the versions you're expecting as well.

Libffi probably is because libffi was updated and it broke ABI compatibility. Since we don't keep a mapping of what version of each library a given package uses... when you come across that sort of an error let MacPorts devs know and we'll force a rebuilt of whatever failed to load libffi.

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