Rebuilding broken ports over...and over...and over

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at
Sat Jun 16 13:34:55 PDT 2012

At 2:01 PM -0400 6/15/12, Jeremy Lavergne wrote:
>  > Um, I thought I'd done that (and more) when I did "sudo port 
>uninstall installed".
>Yes, and you did "clean all":
>>  Some time ago, I followed the migration instructions on another 
>>machine and did "sudo port clean all".  Is that a good option?  I 
>>remember being surprised at how long it took.  I think it would be 
>>faster to delete the whole /opt/... hierarchy and reinstall 
>Yes, "clean all" is a great thing for the situation you've been 
>running into. My guess is that's what's been biting you all over the 
>place: lots of incomplete builds that are cropping up as you try to 
>install various packages.
>I'd do it again since you have more interrupted builds.
>>  And, no, I didn't really want universal.  I thought the lack of it 
>>was causing the hiccup.
>Likely it's unmarked dependencies that are causing your issues. A 
>package built against a library because it was available, but after 
>you changed some but not others then it was a broken link which 
>MacPorts noticed and attempted to reinstall/rebuild them.
>I'd recommend deactivating it all again, and rather than saying 
>"install this batch", have MacPorts install one at a time 
>completely. This will help cut down on how many rebuilds you need to 
>do, and possibly make it more clear where there are hidden 
>Attempting to delete /opt won't necessarily help you, since files 
>can be installed to /Applications/MacPorts and linked to /Library/ 
>as well. You should have MacPorts uninstall it all.

Just to close the loop, I did get a successful build but I had to use 
the -f flag on two of the dependencies (p5.12-dbi, p5.12-libwww-perl) 
even though I had uninstalled everything and done "sudo port clean 
--all all".

Anyway, alls well that ends well.


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