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Sun Oct 28 20:23:07 PDT 2012

>>> So yeah virtualization is an option, with very limited performance since the VM 3D acceleration passthrough isn't so great.
>> FWIW, both VMware and Parallels claim to have made great advances in their Windows 3D acceleration support.
> Like bringing honey from freezer to room temperature? I haven't benchmarked any of it, but for general purpose (i.e. GPU accelerated GUI) it's quite fine. But the gamers are still not all gung ho about it, so I'd think video editing demands would be much the same or greater possibly.
> I'm a big fan of VM - that's all I use on my Mac. It's vastly easier to setup, maintain, and is safer data integrity wise too. But I don't consider it so much from a performance perspective.

My intended use is to use a video editor to work with movies. The plan
is to use Quicktime or SnagIt (if TechSmith has gotten it to work
better, anyways) to record video and audio, and a network chat program
to record player discussions. Then toss it at an editor that is easier
to use than iMovie (more pain than it's worth).

I don't need high performance video until it's time to save. Exporting
on iMovie wants the GPU, so I suspect something similar will happen in
editing. But it does not bother me if it takes 2 hours more to process
a 30 minute video if it saves me 8 hours of editing headache.

So, I don't need _real time_ GPU access. Batched access is fine.

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