Howto enable gd for PHP 5.3.28

Tim Johnson tim at
Sun Feb 9 20:27:01 PST 2014

* Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> [140209 19:10]:
> On Feb 9, 2014, at 21:35, Tim Johnson <tim at> wrote:
> >   how? I think I need to find the plist file and remove it.
> Open System Preferences, go to Sharing, uncheck the box next to
> Web Sharing. That is, if you’re using an older version of OS X. If
> you’re using a newer version of OS X, the setting has been removed
> by Apple, and you’ll have to find out the name of the plist, and
> unload it using launchctl. Removing the plist file is not
> something I would recommend doing; it is a part of Apple’s system
> software which you should not modify. Removing the plist will not
> stop the services it controls.
  Web Sharing is *not* checked as a service in that window.
  I presume that I have overridden it by originally having used
> Or as a shortcut for that command:
> sudo port load apache2
> Similarly with unload.
 Great, thanks 
> >   and to abitrarily start or restart  
> >   sudo /opt/local/apache2/bin/apachectl -k start
> >   sudo /opt/local/apache2/bin/apachectl -k restart
> I do not recommend using apachectl when your apache has been
> started with launchd, unless you understand exactly what it does.
> One of the features of launchd is to restart a process if it
> “unexpectedly” quits. Using "apachectl stop” would be viewed by
> launchd as an unexpected quit, and it would promptly restart it
> for you. Therefore, you could use “apachectl stop” if your
> intention is to restart apache. If your intention is to start or
> stop it, use launchctl or the port load/unload shortcut.
  Grokking .... :) 

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